Reel Talk with Rob & Shane – Episode 8: Podcast of The Planet of The Apes

Robbie and Shane are back to discuss the Summer Blockbuster that is Matt ReevesWar for The Planet of The Apes. In this episode they discuss their introductions to The Planet of The Apes franchise as well as the future of the new series, including a possible remake of the 1968 Classic. Join in as they fan cast their idea of the perfect actor for the Charlton Heston role (which could be the worst backlash since BatFleck). They discuss one of their favorite comedians; Mr. Ralph Garman, dive into the weird connections between Kevin Smith and Tim Burton. As well as talk a little shop about other upcoming projects.

Show Notes

 War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer 

Tim Burton’s Planet of The Apes Trailer

Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back: Planet of The Apes Clip


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