Episode 16: Hair Stylin’ N’ Profilin’

“Whatcha gonna do when the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling run wild on you?!?” Rob and Shane are back to talk about Netflix’s newest series; GLOW. Listen in, “If ya will”, as the guys give a thumbs up to “The Women of the hour that are too sweet to be sour!” They discuss the very captivating story that any binge-watcher would enjoy, even if you are not a huge fan of professional wrestling.

Not only do the guys share their enjoyment of this Netflix Original Series but they also talk about; GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The documentary (that can also be found on Netflix) based on the history of the original ladies involved in the 1980’s production. The guys talk about their love of wrestling, both from the past and present day. Wrestling’s connection to pop culture and entertainment, Shane does a little fantasy booking with the WWE Network time-slots and Rob shares his idea to give the original GLOW participants the recognition they rightfully deserve.

All this and more on this episode of Reel Talk with Rob & Shane!

Whether you like it or not, Learn to love it because its the best thing going today! WOOOOOOOOOOO!”


GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Glow Netflix Poster

Episode 15: Forgotten The Face of Their Fathers (Stephen King Pt. 2)

Rob and Shane are back for the conclusion of their Stephen King discussion. Their pal, Jamie, joins in again as they pick up where they left off last episode and discuss King’s other 2017 film adaptation; The Dark Tower. Listen in as Shane and Jamie get Rob’s view of The Dark Tower world and it’s characters based solely on the film since he has never read the books. They talk about the production hell the movie has been through including the original plans for a film and connected TV show. Then Shane and Jamie try to focus on the movie alone before the discussion turns into how Shane’s favorite book series feel apart in it’s adaption to the big screen.

The Dark Tower Trailer

Episode 14: Sometimes, IT Happens, Someone Has to Deal With IT, & Who Ya Gonna Call? (Stephen King Pt.1)

IT’s a blast from the past as the guys are joined by their old school partner in crime, Jamie, from the original version of Reel Talk with Robbie & Shane found on YouTube. Settle in for Pt. 1 of their Stephen King discussion as the guys talk about the latest adaptation of The King of Horror’s extremely popular story; IT. Not only do the guys talk about how successful this new iteration of the film has been, they discuss the original made for TV Mini-Series starring Tim Curry, the possibilities for the future of the shared universe, the upcoming series; Castle Rock and share the stories of their initial introduction to the works of Stephen King.

IT Trailer

IT Trailer (1990)

Episode 13: Ocean’s 7-Eleven

In this episode Rob and Shane share their thoughts on Steven Soderbergh’s latest film; Logan Lucky. They discuss their love for heist movies and the familiarity of this particular film’s setting since it is set in not one but two locations very close to where the long time friends grew up and currently reside.

The guys talk a little about a modern day blast from the past that is the ridiculousness of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Also Rob is relieved to find his missing case of Marvel Legends figures and the guys take a major step piecing together the attire they where born to wear thanks to Spirit Halloween. All this and more on the latest episode of Reel Talk with Rob & Shane!

Logan Lucky Trailer

Rob’s Marvel Legends (Netflix/Marvel Knights)

Rob and Shane’s Proton Pack Experience