Episode 19: Manners Maketh Man

In this Episode: Rob and Shane discuss Kingsman: The Golden Circle as well as the original film from Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar. Also; news about The Matrix, Danny Elfman working on the Justice League score, What’s next for Ridley Scott…? A.I. or Aliens? And what monster did Rob and Shane create by merging 60’s, 70’s and 80’s TV shows themes into their version of a modern day reboot? All this and more on this week’s (better late than never) episode of Reel Talk with Rob & Shane!

Episode 18: Like Tears in Rain

In this Episode: Before reviewing Blade Runner 2049, Shane goes back to revisit the original Blade Runner as Rob experiences the film for the first time. Listen in as the duo discuss the world created by Philip K. Dick and adapted to film by Ridley Scott and Denis Villeneuve. Also; Shane reacts to the news of Rob buying a questionable Bluray, Kick Out at 2! (their original website) turns 5 years old, Hulu adds the original TGIF line-up and has Marvel had it’s first misstep with Inhumans?

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Blade Runner Trailer

Blade Runner & Fallout Cross-Over Artwork

Episode 17: We’re Going off The Rails on This TV Train

Rob & Shane are back and they are all over the place this time, folks! Primarily, the guys are here to talk about Netflix’s Castlevania and the Season Seven Finale of Game of Thrones on HBO but the episode quickly turns into a “hodge podge” of all around geek culture. Listen in as the duo talk a little about everything and a whole lot about nothing in this cluster-muck of an episode! Rob and Shane discuss current Steelbook Bluray releases, the MoviePass service, a Friday the 13th 40th Anniversary reboot and the continuing success of War for The Planet of The Apes following it’s China release. Rob talks about his Guardian Devil progress, his idea for a Ghost Rider Netflix Show and Shane goes on a rant about one of comics most beloved icons?!?!

Castlevania Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer