Episode 14: Sometimes, IT Happens, Someone Has to Deal With IT, & Who Ya Gonna Call? (Stephen King Pt.1)

IT’s a blast from the past as the guys are joined by their old school partner in crime, Jamie, from the original version of Reel Talk with Robbie & Shane found on YouTube. Settle in for Pt. 1 of their Stephen King discussion as the guys talk about the latest adaptation of The King of Horror’s extremely popular story; IT. Not only do the guys talk about how successful this new iteration of the film has been, they discuss the original made for TV Mini-Series starring Tim Curry, the possibilities for the future of the shared universe, the upcoming series; Castle Rock and share the stories of their initial introduction to the works of Stephen King.

IT Trailer

IT Trailer (1990)

Episode 13: Ocean’s 7-Eleven

In this episode Rob and Shane share their thoughts on Steven Soderbergh’s latest film; Logan Lucky. They discuss their love for heist movies and the familiarity of this particular film’s setting since it is set in not one but two locations very close to where the long time friends grew up and currently reside.

The guys talk a little about a modern day blast from the past that is the ridiculousness of Southpaw Regional Wrestling. Also Rob is relieved to find his missing case of Marvel Legends figures and the guys take a major step piecing together the attire they where born to wear thanks to Spirit Halloween. All this and more on the latest episode of Reel Talk with Rob & Shane!

Logan Lucky Trailer

Rob’s Marvel Legends (Netflix/Marvel Knights)

Rob and Shane’s Proton Pack Experience

Episode 12: Come As You Are (Marvel’s The Defenders Review)

Rob and Shane are back to discuss the latest joint venture from Marvel Studios and Netflix; The Defenders. In this episode not only do Rob and Shane talk about the newest addition to the MCU but they also discuss the other shows that have lead us to this crossover event. Also what would they hope to see in the future from the Netflix side of The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

After you’ve listened to us head on over to Nerd in The ‘Noke and check out his review also.

The Defenders Trailer

The Defenders Trailer 2

Episode 11: BAT-ZINGA!

It’s a DC Comics heavy show, folks! Rob and Shane return to talk about the latest addition to the Bruce Timm and Paul Dini universe that is Batman and Harley Quinn. Listen in as your “Dynamic Duo” discuss the newest film from the DC Universe Original Movie Animation department that not only reunites their favorite Batman plus Robin turned Nightwing; Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester but the guys welcome a new voice for Harley Quinn; Melissa Rauch from The Big Bang Theory. Also Rob informs Shane of some highlights that occurred throughout the 2016-2017 Seasons of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow following the news that not only will Jonah Hex be returning to the “Arrow-verse” this coming season but Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) will be back as well! Hellboy joins the roster of Injustice 2 and the future of the DC Extended Universe is discussed after the announcement this week that WB wants to move forward with a standalone film of not only Batman but one for The Joker……?

Batman and Harley Quinn Trailer

Kevin Conroy & Loren Lester

Melissa Rauch

Paul Dini & Bruce Timm


Reel Talk with Rob & Shane – Episode 10: Joan Wick Atomic John

Thanks to Ryan Guy and Eric Crosby for pointing them in the right direction to get their Podcast up and going Robbie and Shane have successfully made it to their 10th Episode of Reel Talk! Listen in on this week’s episode as the movie going duo discuss the new spy thriller Atomic Blonde directed by David Leitch. Other Movie and TV related discussions include the future of Disney content on Netflix, Scooby-Doo heading to Supernatural and the possible end of 3D IMAX ticket sales?

Reel Talk with Rob & Shane – Episode 9: Valerian and the Movie of a Thousand Sidequest

In this Episode our Heroes take a beating in not one but two of their favorite past times recently. Listen in as Robbie and Shane go back to their internet roots and discuss the world of professional wrestling for a few minutes and the sad state that WWE has currently found themselves in. Moving from one terrible talking point into another one, they begin to discuss their experience of watching Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Join them as Robbie takes off his filter and rages against this movie in a logical way that not only sways Shane’s original opinion of the film mid episode but leaves him having a hard time trying to defend what he thought was going to be a fun outing. Can any positive points be found in this Summer’s biggest box office flop? Can Shane recover or is he left broken and defeated? Find out in this week’s episode of Reel Talk with Rob & Shane!

Reel Talk with Rob & Shane – Episode 8: Podcast of The Planet of The Apes

Robbie and Shane are back to discuss the Summer Blockbuster that is Matt ReevesWar for The Planet of The Apes. In this episode they discuss their introductions to The Planet of The Apes franchise as well as the future of the new series, including a possible remake of the 1968 Classic. Join in as they fan cast their idea of the perfect actor for the Charlton Heston role (which could be the worst backlash since BatFleck). They discuss one of their favorite comedians; Mr. Ralph Garman, dive into the weird connections between Kevin Smith and Tim Burton. As well as talk a little shop about other upcoming projects.

Show Notes

 War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer 

Tim Burton’s Planet of The Apes Trailer

Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back: Planet of The Apes Clip


Reel Talk with Rob & Shane – Episode 7: Tales from The Comic-Con (2017)

The 2017 San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, just like every year, this “Gathering of The Geeks” leaves us with sneak peaks of some of the most anticipated Movies, TV Shows and Toys that are set to be released in the coming months and year. Listen in as Robbie & Shane jump back into what they do best as they share their thoughts and impressions of the new trailers for Justice LeagueThor: RagnarokReady Player One! Also they discuss other news like the announcement of The 13th Doctor Who and not one but two new Ghostbusters projects from original director Ivan Reitman. All this and more on the latest episode of Reel Talk with Rob & Shane!

Reel Talk with Rob & Shane – Episode 6: Grand Theft Audio

In a world of franchises, sequels and reboots our heroes Robbie & Shane are back to talk about the much needed breath of fresh air from Hollywood that is Edgar Wright’s latest film Baby Driver. Join in as they praise this perfect blend of action, story and music that exceeded expectations! As always the discussion eventually slips into DC and Marvel as the duo discuss the news that Matt Reeves may be interested in doing a new Batman Trilogy! Also they share their thoughts on the news about Nick Fury, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man’s inclusion in Phase 4 of The MCU and other trailer talk for future releases.

Reel Talk with Robbie & Shane – Episode 5: “With Great Reboots Come Great Possibilities.”

Just like a super hero with a duel identity, in this episode a tired Robbie is able to break free of a 60 plus hour work week just in time for the web-slinger’s stand alone film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shane prepped for the wall crawler’s newest big-screen adventure by revisiting the Sam Rami Spider-Man Trilogy as well as Mark Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man films. One of these was a grueling task to get through and they’re not sure which one suffered the most this week. Join them in this episode as they discuss Spider-Man: Homecoming and welcome everyone’s “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” back home with open arms and speculate on the possibilities of Spider-Man’s joint future with Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.