Episode 31: Network Connectivity Problems (Reel Talk with Rob & Derick? Pt.2)

In this Episode: Rob is back & his regular podcasting partner is still missing! Therefore, Mr. Derick returns and picks right back up where they left off as he joins Rob for Part 2 of their discussion centered around their favorite NBC shows. This time it’s their Top 10 Favorite Episodes of Parks and Recreation! Listen in as the guys jump right back into it as they get excited over these shows as much as the citizens of Pawnee do over Lil’ Sebastian!

Is Derick getting too comfortable in Shane’s spot? Will Rob find out the fate of his original podcast partner? Is the vice director from Venezuela helping Boris Petrov with the hacks? Is Gryzzl data mining Gimmicks Inc? Find out the answers to this new set of questions and see if your favorite episode made their second list! All this and more on this weeks episode of Reel Talk with Rob & …… Derick?